Engage Your Market And Grow Your Sales Through Clarity

We would like to talk to you about making your marketing work better. 

There are many ways to complicate this and add lots of detail but our message is simple.

We help you clarify your message so that your marketing is more effective.  We teach you to tell an EngageStory - a brand story for your customers.  

Your Engage Story helps you draw people to you so that they buy your product, subscribe to your service, contract your services and, generally, work with you.  

Have you ever wondered why some marketing is great and most doesn't hit the mark?

99% of marketing is awful.  

But 1% sticks out.  

The top 1% connects.  Their marketing works, it connects and it grows business.  


  • If you feel frustrated with your marketing. 
  • If you would like to work less with your marketing. 
  • If you want people to get you. 
  • If you want to put less work into marketing and grow your business.

Join the 1%, make your marketing work.     

You can create messaging that connects like powerful brands.  

Imagine the most interesting man in the world representing your brand.  

Or imagine having the power of the Coca-cola brand to drive sales. 

Not only can you do this but when you do people will talk about your brand and your offering the way they talk about big campaigns. 

Do you want better marketing?  Do you want to be in the 1%?  

Read on... 

An Engagestory Is Your Brand And a Tool for Authentic Communication

An EngageStory is the evolution of a brand story.   It is the power of storytelling brought to marketing, it is a way of connecting you and your market.  It is a story about them, about your customer and about how they transform.  

The Engage Story Defines your brand and becomes the lynchpin of your marketing and communications. 

Just as important: it is an authentic way of communicating.  It allows you to live your message and connect with your market.  

The best part is that while it takes a bit of work to create, it isn't hard.  

And once you have your EngageStory, it feels like a weight is lifted, your marketing flows, your sales are easier and business is more fun. 

What You Get

  • The Formula To Connecting

    Learn our innovative story-based messaging formula that turns your marketing around, makes it about them and attracts customers to you.

  • Support

    We are here for you, we answer your questions, meet with you to review your story and ensure that you are creating the marketing message you need.

  • All The Pieces You Need

    Videos, templates, explanations, examples - we give you everything you need. Sometimes it feels like a lot, but do the work and it will change the way you communicate.

Course curriculum

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